Good tidings to all nobles within the lands of Skraeling Althing.Winter is nearly upon our Barony!  The wiley hare changes its coat from brown to snowwhite as the season changes.  As seasons change, so do those that sit upon the Lapineseats of our grand Barony of Skraeling Althing.  But fear not for we have sentambassadors, retainers and good nobles to assist our Mother and Father, Avelyn andDaffyd as they move into their new castle.   Feast of the Hare By the Grace of their Majesties King […]

First letter to the Barony from Dubhessa and Joffr

2021 Baronial Selection Process launched To the people of Skraeling Althing do We, Avelyn & Dafydd bring tidings! As many of you are aware, this year marks Our third holding the territorial seats of the Barony. With this missive, We are announcing the launch of the selection process to find the next baronial representative(s) for Skraeling Althing.¬† Our time as your Baroness and Baron of Skraeling Althing has been extremely enriching and rewarding personally…and certainly interesting because of the plague! […]

2021 Baronial Selection Process Launched

Greetings unto the many people of Skraeling Althing, Thank you — for being you! Let Us begin with this first necessary thought. The past year has been a momentous one, it almost goes without saying–not only in all our lives personally but also in our lives as SCAdians. In this changing landscape we are living with, We have never been more proud of the resiliency of the people of Skrael. You have all been outstanding in your willingness to adapt […]

Letter to the Barony – Winter 2021