2021 Baronial Selection Process Launched

2021 Baronial Selection Process launched To the people of Skraeling Althing do We, Avelyn & Dafydd bring tidings! As many of you are aware, this year marks Our third holding the territorial seats of the Barony. With this missive, We are announcing the launch of the selection process to find […]



Letter to the Barony – Winter 2021

Greetings unto the many people of Skraeling Althing, Thank you — for being you! Let Us begin with this first necessary thought. The past year has been a momentous one, it almost goes without saying–not only in all our lives personally but also in our lives as SCAdians. In this […]

Letter to the Barony

March 14, 2020 Greetings Skraels, We had planned one of our usual notes to the barony, where we update folks on what’s been happening and our upcoming plans. But the news of the past few days has overtaken Us, and there are unfortunately more important things to talk about. We […]


Letter to the Barony

Good People of Skraeling Althing, Have you all recovered yet from an epic 40th Feast of the Hare? It was quite the day. We would like to thank Their Majesties and Highnesses for helping the barony celebrate such an important anniversary. And of course, we always welcome our cousins from […]

Letter to the Barony

Hello Skraels, So today marks one month until Feast of the Hare (cue panicked groans and scrambling to finish projects). We look forward to seeing everyone at Hare, and celebrating the event’s 40th anniversary. It promises to be an epic day full of fun, and maybe even a few surprises! […]

Barony Marches in Capitol Pride for first time!

We look amazing marching in Ottawa! Thank you to Caldrithig Seneschal, the Honourable Lady Constance of Caldrithig for organizing this on short notice, and thinking to get a picture taken.

Letter to the Barony: The drums and fires of War are quiet again

Pennsic was full of dichotomies. It was hot all day, but cool at night. There was much rain, but also long stretches of sunny, dry weather. One thing for sure is that there were Skraels everywhere, and We certainly noticed. Skraels volunteered hundreds of hours to help make sure Pennsic […]

Seneschal Badge

Appointment of Interim Seneschal.

Unfortunately Dame Marguerite has had to step down due to a personal emergency. At the Baronial Council meeting, it was decided that I will be taking over for her until a replacement is found. Watch the website http://skraelingalthing.com/wp/for details about how and when that process will happen. As I cannot […]

Spring’s arrived in Skraeling Althing 2

Greetings unto the Barony, We are certain that you, like Ourselves, gladly welcome that tardy Zephyrus’ return to Our land; he brings the warm spring breezes that kiss the flowers and fields across Skraeling Althing. Our thoughts look ahead to the busiest time of year for Us. We consulted our […]

Baron & Baroness

Populace Badge Hare

Summer Demos

Come out and see our friendly faces at the following demos this summer: Deep River GeekFest – June 1, 2019 in Deep River Ontario (Tor Brant Hosting)This is their first year running the event. Contact tor.brant@skraelingalthing.com for more information. Upper Canada Village – June 7th – 10th, 2019 Morrisburg, On […]