We are still seeking ideas for the new name for the Barony, so give us a new name! If you wish to submit a suggestion, please use the form below, or visit Skraeling Althing on Facebook. Please think about ease of pronunciation. Names will be checked by appropriate heralds, and compiled into a list for a future vote. This form will remain available until 11 March, 2024. Loading…

Suggest a new Baronial name

Oyez! A baronial council meeting was held on January 21st at 7:00PM. Top of the agenda was discussion of the name change poll results. The Barony has voted to proceed with a change of name, and a list of possible names has been compiled.

Baronial Name Change Update

Greetings From the Baronial Seneschal This is to announce the official voting on whether or not to change the name of our Barony. There have been discussions over the past year with all the groups in the barony. An excellent report was written by Baron Colyne Stewart that gives all the relevant information.  Continued use of our current name has several issues:   There was a comment by M. McLean on the website that makes the most important point. “if we are perceived to be […]

Skraeling Althing Name Change Poll