Unofficial Diversity Resources


  • Ines de Freitas’ Blog: Includes a bibliography of Black history.
  • BIPOC Reenactors (A non-SCA Facebook page “acknowledging & celebrating people of color who participate in living history & their historical inspiration.”)
  • La Bella Donna: POC historical reenactment.
The Decleration of the
Virtues of the Kingdom of Ealdormere


  • Disability Services at Pennsic War (the largest SCA event in the known world)
  • Gimping Together (An unofficial Facebook group for ” mobility Challenged members of the Kingdom of Calontir, their family and friends.”)
  • Sanctuary of St. Dymphna (An unofficial Facebook group for people with emotional/mental disorders and other invisible conditions.)
  • SCA Accessibility Resources (An unofficial Facebook group “for those who are members with: handicaps, disabilities, ‘differently abled’, difficulties, or any health challenges…)
  • SCA Autism (An unofficial Facebook group “for Autistics within the SCA.”)
  • SCA Neurodiversity (An unofficial Facebook group “for discussion and support around neurodiversity issues related to the Society for Creative Anachronism.”)
  • SCA Sign/Silent Heraldry (An unofficial Facebook group about sign language in the SCA.
  • SCA Wooden Spoon Club (An unofficial Facebook group ” for those who play SCA with any form of chronic illness, physical or mental health issue.”)
  • SCAdians with Disabilities (An unofficial Facebook group for “exploring both the history and experiences of people with disabilities pre-1603, as well discussing strategies and modification so that disabled members of the Society can participate as much as possible.”)
  • SCAdians with PTSD (An unofficial Facebook group ” for people who play in the Society for Creative Anachronism who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and those who wish to support them.”)


  • Clan Blue Feather (a group ” to facilitate interaction among the members of the Society, especially those who are members of a sexual or gender linked minority (i.e., lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, asexual, aromantic, non-binary or *fluid, etc.); and our allies.”
  • Clan Blue Feather’s Facebook group (An unofficial Facebook group.)
  • Family and Spouses of Trans People in the SCA (An unofficial Facebook group “for the family and spouses of trans people who are in the Society for Creative anachronism, to be able to talk and have a safe space to seek advice and to talk to people in similar situations.”)



What it’s like to be a POC in the SCA and the USA.
First Nations Fighting Kit.