What Is a Demo?


Cooking demonstration at the Osgoode Medieval Festival

A “Demonstration” (or ‘demo’ for short) is an organized activity to teach and/or display medieval activities in general, and about the SCA in particular.  This could consist of a table at a community event, a booth at a convention, or a larger display at a medieval festival.  A demo is a fantastic opportunity to meet us, ask questions, and learn what the SCA is all about.

What Sort of Things Happen There?

A variety of things happen at demos, depending on the venue.  Martial activities, such as armoured and rapier combat, are common.  We also demonstrate arts & science activities, such as cooking, dancing, sewing and other fibre arts.  There’s always lots of talking, answering questions, and telling people about the SCA.


Can I Come and See?

Absolutely! Come see us at one of the many conventions and festivals at which we exhibit.  Upcoming demos are listed on our calendar of events, or you can contact the Chatelaine to find out more.

How Do I Volunteer to Help?

Glad you asked!  Most demos are organized by the Baronial Chatelaine.  To volunteer, contact the Chatelaine.  Sometimes Canton’s also organize demos.  Check with your Canton’s chatelaine or seneschal to see if they have any appearances that they need help with.