A quiver of handmade arrows.

Within the SCA, Archery is one of the core marshal skills practiced. We have a long tradition of Traditional Target Archery going back to the beginning of the SCA itself. Our Archery rules are geared towards safety and participation. A partial list of rules follows. A comprehensive list can be found here: , look for Archery Handbook.

  1. Bows will have no sights, bow quivers trigger releases, counter balances’ or other “gadgets” attached.
  2.  Arrows will have a field point, no plastic vane “fletch”, (Natural feather or documented period alternative) and a natural shaft, wood or bamboo, no carbon fiber or aluminum arrow shafts.
  3. No compound bows or compound crossbows.
  4. Crossbows may not have rear sights but may have a front sight. Cross bows must be built with a wooden stock. The prod (the “bow”) must be securely mounted to the stock and not show cracks or signs of fatigue. Cross bows of over 175 lb pull must be inspected by the Kingdom Archery Marshal.
  5. At events, “Period Shooting” competitions may happen where more restrictive rules are in place to encourage more historical shooting. Details of these rules would be announced prior to the event in question.
  6. Archers at the line for a shoot

    Unlike Armoured Combat and Rapier Combat, archery does NOT require an Authorization test by the archer to participate, however if possible, please avoid showing up at an event and expect an introductory lesson in Archery.

  7. Very young children can be taught to shoot, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and they must pay attention and obey the instructions of the Archery Marshal.
  8.  You need not be an SCA member to participate.
  9. A voluntary fee of $5 is requested to cover the costs of targets and other materials used for the practice and events.

Who Do I Contact to Learn More?

Please contact Caldrithig’s Archery Marshal, Baron Duncan, for more information.

Baron Duncan holding target full of arrows

During the later Spring, Summer and early Fall, the Canton of Caldrithig runs an Archery Practice on Saturdays, dates to be announced and are weather permitting. The location of the practice is a horse farm near Vars, Ont. And there is space for target shooting up to 70 yds, and Clout shooting up to 100 yds.