Armoured Combat

Armoured Combat

Armoured Combat

Armoured Combat

Knights! Samurai! Janissaries! Vikings! Armoured combat in the SCA resembles historical battles and tournaments. Combatants face each other in single combat, or take part in large melee battles, with as many as 1000 fighters on each side.

Cantons within the Barony may host weekly or monthly armoured combat practice. Please see the calendar, or contact the Armoured Marshal for more information.

Youth Armoured Combat

youth_combatYouth Combat is a program that has been designed to be a starting place to teach our youth within the Society all about the chivalry and honour behind our armoured combat – while promoting discipline, gross and fine motor skills, and the basics of fair play.

Youth between the ages of 6 to 15 are marshalled, taught and mentored to promote a healthy and fun environment for competition while maintaining safety, fun and education above the need to win.

Parents are expected to monitor their children throughout and are encouraged to take an active role in both their learning, as well as the life lessons we’ll teach their youth about all aspects of our Youth Combat program. Please do not hesitate to contact your Armoured Marshal about youth combat opportunities.

Rules about attending events (or practices) with children.

What Are the Requirements to Participate?

The basic requirements to participate in armoured combat is to be at least 16 years of age. Men and women are equally welcome to participate.

What Equipment Will I Need to Get Started?

Most groups have loaner armour that one can use while they try out the sport.

Once one decides to pursue armoured combat, then there are many resources on fashioning armour.

The basic requirements for arms and armour are as found here in the society marshal’s handbook.

What is Authorization?

An Authorization deems the fighter safe for combat. In Ealdormere, this entails knowing and understanding the rules of the list, fighting while calling all blows (good and light), fighting while under stress, fighting on their knees, fighting with their off hand, and finally a bout taking all blows and dying defensively. If one is able to pass this test, then they are authorized for combat in Ealdormere.

Armoured combat

Armoured combat

Who Do I Contact to Learn More?

For general questions, including more information on equipment or participation requirements, please contact the Baronial Marshal.