Fencing encompassed different forms of blunted steel combat, including rapier, and cut and thrust.


Rapier combat

What Are the Requirements to Participate?

Fencing is open to all adults, 18 years and over. Youth from 14-18 are also welcome, provided a parent or guardian meets with the marshal beforehand to give written consent to allow the youth to participate.

If you decide to join us, your first practice will be an introduction to the basics of fencing, including some basic stances, guards, attacks and parries, as well as footwork and body movement. No experience in any form of martial art is required, and we’re pretty confident we can teach anybody to fence.

Our primary focus, initially, will be to guide you towards your basic authorization, which will enable you to compete in SCA tournaments all over Ealdormere and beyond. We will help you develop a style you are comfortable with, using period texts and manuals as resource material.

What Equipment Will I Need to Get Started?

To get started in fencing, participants should find a pair of non-marking shoes, and if you have them, some light, comfortable gloves. Males should also bring an athletic cup.

Rapier combat

Rapier combat

Who Do I Contact to Learn More?

For general questions, including more information on equipment or participation requirements, please contact the Baronial Marshal.

If you have questions about a practice hosted by a particular branch, or to see if loaner equipment is available at that location, please contact the branch marshal.