Great Chalice of Skraeling Althing

This award is given to an individual or individuals who are seen as exemplars of authenticity in their recreation, and whose qualities of service, hospitality, courtesy, dress and deportment are foremost. Specifically, it recognizes the person or persons who have advanced the cause of authenticity in diverse aspects of Baronial life. This award is open to any member of the Barony regardless of rank or office. As this award will make the recipient(s) the Baronial Cup Bearer(s), it will be presented in succession.


Wilhelm von Pottruff 2003-11-08
Cristabel Wensleydale 2003-11-08
Emelote of Calais 2009-11-07
Catherine Townson 2010-11-06
Nathaniel Jonessone ‘The Dane’ 2012-11-03
John Moran 2014-11-08
Song Zidie 2015-11-07
Helen of Greyfells and Galfrid Thynne 2016-11-05
Pesha 2017-11-04
Dubhessa ui Uilliam 2018-11-03
Varakii Varenko Idanovich 2019-11-09
Þorfinna gráfeldr 2021-11-13