Change of Officer, thank you and good bye

Greetings to everyone in the dear lands of Skraeling Althing

This was hinted at on Facebook yesterday, and it’s come out in the Chronicle, so here I am to spread the word and say a few words.
As of Feast of the Hare, the office of Baronial Chatelaine is changing hands to Lady Sapphyrah Rozvardo (mka Lemon Astrid). She will be monitoring and corresponding from the email address,
chatelaine @ as well as the facebook account Skraeling Chatelaine. I will still have my fingers in the Upper Canada Village demo at least for a while, but everything else will be in Sapphyrah’s capable hands.
I would like to thank everyone who has ever attended a demo, everyone who lent clothes or armour or banners etc for the aid they have given.
I trust you’ll be just as supportive of Astrid when she is trying to put together displays and demonstrations.
It’s been a blast, and in some ways, I’m a little sorry to leave it behind, but my time has come, and so I bid you adieu.

In service

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