Heraldic Announcement: Populace Badges

It is my pleasure to report that both of the populace badges that passed the poll were accepted by the College of Arms. The populace of Skraeling Althing are now entitled to display the following:

Populace Badge Hare

(Fieldless) A chevron couped gules surmounted by a hare salient contourny argent.

This badge reflects the per-chevron division in the baronial arms, and of course includes our mascot, the salient hare.
Populace Badge Geometric

(Fieldless) A fess couped per fess indented argent and gules.

This reminds on-lookers that even a meek creature can be ferocious.
We hope everyone enjoys these badges and display them proudly for a long time to come.
Yours in service,
Song Zidie




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