Letter to the Barony; Crown Tourney

Greetings unto the most noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron Shahid and Baroness Catherine.

We have had the pleasure of attending Crown Tournament in the Canton of der Welfengau. Crown is always a very exciting event, and this one was no different. It was wonderful and inspiring to see so many Skraels participating in the tournament. By Our count, 6 of the 18 participants were from Skraeling Althing. After many a hard fought bout, His Grace Edward was the victor. Many congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses Edward and Rylyn.

Congratulations to The Honourable Lord Wilhelm von Pottruff on receiving an Award of the Maiden’s Heart.

A reminder that, while the deadline for taxes has traditionally been Feast of the Hare, the deadline for submissions this year will be August 13th. This will give us time to have the resulting work bound into a book, which will be on display at The Feast of the Hare.

In Service,
Shahid and Catherine
Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing

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