Letter to the Barony; Practicum, Winter War and Break the Back of Winter

Greetings unto the noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron and Baroness Shahid and Catherine.

Her Excellency recently attended Practicum, held in our Canton of Caldrithig. As always, it was an amazing bastion of learning of all types. Their Highnesses gave Lady Osc the Award of the Orion her Arts and Sciences work. We had the opportunity to induct our beloved and hardworking subject Jane Caldwell, into the Order of the Hare Salient for all her hard work in many different roles serving Us and the Barony at Large.

The following weekend, Their Excellencies traveled with Their Highnesses to Trinovantia Nova, where a fun day of fighting and camaraderie was had. We were privileged to witness a former Skrael, Mistress Kersteken be inducted into the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer, for her prowess on the Rapier field! Wassail! Then His Highness begged a boon of Their Majesties. He asked that His squire, Baron Shahid, be placed on Vigil for admittance to the Order of Chivalry. Their Majesties granted this request. Baron Shahid’s elevation will be occurring at Heavy Tournament of Renown, April 7th in the Barony of Septentria.

This past weekend saw Us traveling down to Our Stronghold of Greyfells. While there we had a wonderful day of fighting and arts and sciences. Held here also was the Baronial Arts and Sciences championship. Congratulations to Avelyn Wexcombe who is Our new A&S champion for the Barony. We look forward to see further works coming from her hands.

During Our court, we welcomed Lady Osc of the Harbours, Kate of Greyfells, Lettice Young and Aoibheann MacEwan with bunny tails and an official welcome to the Barony. We then recognized Lord Joffr and Lady Dubhessa for their contributions to Arts and Sciences in the Barony. We chose to induct each of them into the Order of the Black Hare.

In Service,
Shahid and Catherine
Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing

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