Baronial Step Down: Candidates Announced

Greetings unto the noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron and Baroness Shahid and Catherine.

Yesterday in Trillium War court we announced the names of the candidates that have stated their intent to become Our heirs. With such great candidates to chose from, We know that the Barony will be well served.

  • The Honourable Lord Dafydd ap Alan & The Honourable Lady Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn
  • Lord James Edgarson & The Honourable Lady Pesha the Gypsy
  • Lord Robert the Blue & Lady Lerthan inghean Chormaicc maicc Morgaind

We encourage everyone to come and meet the candidates during the upcoming candidates meetings, and cast your vote.

The full selection process, including how votes are tallied, is detailed in our Baronial By-laws – available on the Skraeling Althing website (

In Service,
Shahid and Catherine,
Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing


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