Thank you from Avelyn & Dafydd

Good people of Skraeling Althing,
Wow, what a day! We hope that you all had as much fun as We did at Feast of the Hare. For Us, Saturday truly felt like a celebration of the Barony, from the fabulous and unique site tokens as you walked in the door, to the terrific turnout dancing after feast — and everything in between. We even hear rumour that the site was visited by a white hare as people were packing up at the end of the night. This is truly a great portent for the days ahead.
We would be remiss if We didn’t first thank Their Majesties for traveling to join Us for the day, and for their trust in Us. We look forward to seeing Them again in a few weeks at Queen’s Prize Tourney, where We hope there will be many Skraels entered to show off the burgeoning skills of our artisans.
We must also thank Their Excellencies Shahid and Catherine; not only for their many years of care and love for the Barony, but also for the time and support they have given Us in the past weeks. Enjoy your retirement at home and in distant lands; though We know you will never be far away in your hearts.
Thank you also to the inspiring Line of the Hare. For those who were able to make it, thank you for joining Us and witnessing the day. For those who were too far to join Us, know that you were missed and that We know you were there in spirit.
To all of the event staff, cooks, marshals, musicians, heralds and scribes, We also can’t thank you enough. Without your service our events simply wouldn’t exist. We know the hard work you put in behind the scenes, and please know that We appreciate it from the bottom of Our hearts!
Of course, an event would be a quiet place indeed without people. So finally, we thank you all for attending and helping to make the day special for everyone else who attended. Each person helps to make an event, and we felt the love from everyone this weekend. Thank you in particular to those who traveled from afar to join Skraeling Althing in celebration, both from within Ealdormere and beyond.
Personal Thanks:
Such were the numbers of people who came together to ensure our Investiture was a success, Our letter may yet crash the servers of Our EtherBunny with its size. We strive to capture as many as possible before that might happen:
For those who made Our stunning garb We are deeply grateful for your generosity and for helping Us to look the part for the Barony. We adored it and felt elated to wear it. Her Excellency’s outfit was created by the combined talents of Baroness Anneke and Mistress Kersteken, with beautiful finishing touches by Her Grace Adrielle, Mistress Siglinde and Dame Eleanor. His Excellency’s cotehardie was lovingly crafted by THL Emelote, with a custom bycock hat by Master Giovanni and shiny pewter accessories by Dame Eleanor.
For Lady Amalthea, and the many people who attended Us during the day, thank you for making sure We were fed, watered and had what We needed, often before We even knew it was needed. Your work was a little magical to Us.
Thank you as well to our good friends Randal and THL Augusta for the photography, and to THL Jane for beading together our first Carrots of Excellence.
We are deeply grateful for the assistance and guidance of Master Brand who helped us navigate through the ceremony and be as prepared as possible for Our Investiture. We hope that diligence showed.
There were many who helped Us in little ways that were appreciated, from advice and encouragement to treats, gifts, and may other kindnesses. We wish We could list you all. Thank you, sincerely. We are humbled by the wave of generosity shown Us.
As we enter the colder season, We look forward to seeing many of you at QPT and look forward to Practicum, one of Our favourite events on the calendar.
In service to the people of Skraeling Althing,
Their Shiny New Excellencies
Avelyn and Dafydd

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