Quick quips from QPT – We’re home from Our first baronial road trip

It was Our pleasure to be at the Queen’s Prize Tourney this weekend and see the excellent entries from so many Skraels. We congratulate all the entrants—and it was delightful seeing what you have been working on. Well done all! We particularly noted several people who entered projects far outside their normal A&S comfort zones. This fills Our hearts with pride.

We also noted many others from Our Barony who were there as sponsors and judges. QPT is a fabulous event, but it wouldn’t be possible without the kind words and encouragement that comes from everyone who attends. Thank you for supporting the artisans of the Kingdom.

Please nominate Skrael’s artisans!

With your memories of QPT fresh, why not write in some award nominations for those who impressed you? Was there a judge who was particularly helpful and supportive? Or maybe an entry really wowed you? We would love to receive your award recommendations. You can use the baronial award nomination form, or the Kingdom award nomination form, depending on the award level you wish to nominate them for.

Anyone can nominate someone for an award, so no matter how long you’ve been around or what awards you have yourself, if someone has impressed you, let us or Their Majesties know about it. Information about the various awards can be found on the Kingdom and Baronial web sites.

Winter is settling in

As we enter the colder months, We look forward to some peaceful rest with family and friends over the holidays before local events resume in the new year. We hope to see many of you at nearby events, hosted by our neighbours. L’Ile du Dragon Dormant hosts their East Kingdom 12th Night on January 5, followed by the Shire of Bastille du Lac hosting Tournoi du Cœur de Glace on February 2. And of course, Practicum is just around the corner at the end of February.

May the winter time bring joy to you and your family, while the festive spirit of the season replenishes.

In service to the people of Skraeling Althing,

Avelyn & Dafydd


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