Letter to the Barony –  Home from Tournoi de Coeur de Glace 1

Greetings unto the populace of Skraeling Althing,

We have lately returned from Our travels to Our neighbors in the Shire of Bastille du Lac, who are always such gracious and wonderful hosts. We had a wonderful day, full of heroism, pomp, heraldry and chivalry on both lists. It was truly Our pride and pleasure to see how many Skraels both attended and competed that day. You all fill Our “coeurs” with such joy. Congratulations to all the day’s combatants.

We would also congratulate Her Ladyship Brennait La Belle Fleur for her Scarlet Banner, presented in court at Tournoi. And of course, our very own Mistress Lucia de Enzinas was welcomed into the Order of the Laurel to great rejoicing. Waes hael on these very well deserved honours.

We would also be remiss in not mentioning several other Skraels who have shown the Known World the greatness that is Skraeling Althing and Ealdormere:

  • To Our delight, Our Very Own Lord Tempus Peregrinator received a token by Her Majesty of the East at East Kingdom 12th Night as She was thoroughly impressed by his larger than life millinery. (Aren’t we all)
  • While visiting Ansteorra, Count Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn was gifted a Rose Token for his inspirational behaviour. (Really no surprise there, as We know he inspires many at home as well)
  • Most recently, Her new Excellency Gina Dragoni was recognized by the Queen of Æthelmearc for all of her hard work coordinating largess for the Kingdom by being made a Baroness of the Court of Æthelmearc. (Avelyn literally squeed when we got this news. We are so tremendously proud of HE Gina, one of the very first people We met when joining Harrowgate Heath)

Waes hael! to all three of these good gentles for doing us all proud!

Looking forward, quite soon We will greet friends from across the Barony at Our next event, Practicum. This day has been a favourite of Ours for some time and it’s a bit thrilling to see the day unfold through the lens of Our roles as B&B. We of course are delighted to host Their Majesties for the day as well. Note that We seek a photographer for the day, especially during court. Shutterbugs of Skrael–please get in touch with Us if you are interested!

We also look forward to attending the Investiture of the incoming Baroness and Baron of Dragon Dormant next month. We encourage all of Skrael to attend with Us. There will activities for all, including fencing and fighting, as well as A&S activities. Note that parking at the venue is quite limited so if you plan to attend We encourage carpooling.

A few non-event notes to wrap up Our letter this month:

  • You may recall from our article in this Winter’s Chronicle (PDF) that His Excellency Dafydd worked very hard to recreate the Barony’s war banner, which was due for a makeover. We were pleased to unveil it during the morning processional at Tournoi. We hope this kicks off the upcoming tourney season rightly in the minds of Our populace.
  • We welcome Lady Amalthea to Our team formally as Head of Entourage. Welcome my lady! Thank you for your service in the times ahead. (She will soon put out a call for entourage for Practicum). Together she and THL Emelote of Calais as Our Chamberlaine round out Our staff.
  • We would also like to especially extend Our deepest gratitude to His Lordship John Moran for completing Our first regalia refurbishment project. THL John completely restored a baronial bench box for Us, including adding some ingenious new becket handles to replace broken ones. His next work will be the restoration of the painted baronial box that you usually see between Our seats in court. Please – a round of digital applause for His Lordship!  Waes hael! There are many other pieces of regalia that need attention. If you are an artisan and would care to donate some time to assist We would be very grateful to hear from you.
  • Finally, a SUPER SNEAK PEEK update for those who are advance planners: We have been reminded by Their Highnesses that Their Coronation takes place on May the 4th. They have suggested that thematic garb would be welcome for this most auspicious day. You heard it from Us first! Now We look forward to seeing what inspiration the Force brings you! More on this in months to come.

Wishing you safe journeys in turbulent winter travels,

Avelyn & Dafydd of Skraeling Althing

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