Taxes and Travel Notes from the Baroness & Baron

Greetings unto the people of Skraeling Althing,

After a day of classes and important conversations at Practicum, We were excited to announce that taxes this year is heraldic display. That could be bringing your personal banners to events, having your shield hang from the Hare Tree, or wearing that new shiny heraldic cotehardie. We look forward to seeing the Barony decked out in splendor. We also presented each of the Barony’s groups with banners for their use at events (Greyfells and Tor Brant, your banners can be collected from our Banner Champion, Lord Robert the Blue – good luck). :

We enjoyed seeing everyone in court, and the full court report was shared by Lord Gavin.

We also recently travelled to our neighbours to the East to celebrate the investiture of Their Excellencies of L’Isle du Dragon Dormant. There was absolutely no shenanigans, and we will not be calling on the populace to return any of the non-existing shenanigans in the coming months. None at all.

We were also pleased to finally deliver an award We had inherited from TE Shahid and Catherine, a Hare Valiant to Lord Ulric Lawless. While We had wanted to present it to him in Skrael lands, there was a certain appropriateness to doing so in the East, with his Knight in attendance.

We hope that those travelling to Winter War as We write this missive have fun and safe travels. We will be staying at home to prepare for Kingdom A&S the next weekend. We look forward to seeing the work of Skraels artisans up close.

Previewing the camping season:

A few event notes for further out.

The Barony of IDD will be hosting an outdoor event on May 11th, including equestrian, archery and thrown weapons, and armoured and rapier combat. While We of course encourage everyone to attend Lady Mary that same day in Rising Waters, We would also encourage those wanting to stay more local to visit our neighbours to the East.

We also plan to attend Les Beltaines in the East Kingdom this year in June, and will be renting a tudor cabin for the weekend. For those wishing to do the same, We understand that cabins book reasonably quickly, so you may wish to book before the end of April.

Finally, we are looking forward to camping at Murder Melee. It’s a lovely event and we hope to see many Skraels there again this year. Wagon access permitting, we hope to camp with Skrael this year at the event.

Wishing you all luck with the spring thaws, may they come soon and may the water stay out of places it should not be.

Avelyn & Dafydd of Skraeling Althing

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