Spring’s arrived in Skraeling Althing 1

Greetings unto the Barony,

We are certain that you, like Ourselves, gladly welcome that tardy Zephyrus’ return to Our land; he brings the warm spring breezes that kiss the flowers and fields across Skraeling Althing. Our thoughts look ahead to the busiest time of year for Us. We consulted our soothsayers and astrologers and they inform us that the tide of war will wash upon us again. So, Skraels, see to your homesteads, to your flocks and families, and take care to prepare. We will soon march to defend Ealdormere again!

In a fortnight, a council of the kingdom’s barons and baronesses will convene at Murder Melee in the Meadow. There We will seek tidings and wisdom from Our cousins and together lay plans for the coming War of the Trillium. Not long afterwards, We invite all of Skrael and its neighbours to attend Baronial Muster, July 13 in Caldrithig. At Muster We will watch our martial forces hone skills, and fight for glory. There, we will select our next archery and (hopefully) thrown weapons champions.

We wish to remind you too of this year’s taxes, to proudly display your heraldries throughout the year. There is no better time to do so then a march to war, and we trust a confident victory! So please let those banners fly in your camps! Wear your arms with pride on your back as you take to the lists and ranges. And of course, We love to see the Hare displayed as well.

In other tidings to share, please consider volunteering your time at one of the upcoming demos in the barony. Newcomers are an important part of the SCA. Our thanks to the Baronial Chatelaine for coordinating these, and to those who work so hard to make them happen.
* Upper Canada Village – June 7-10 in Morrisburg (and you can watch the trebuchet!)
* Deep River Summerfest, August 3-5 in Deep River

We are also greatly pleased to see how successful the Baronial Scribal Nights have been, and extend our thanks to Our Signet and her many wonderful co-scribes for encouraging the beauty of art and illuminations in the Barony.

And finally, as always We welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on the continued improvement of the barony. Your vision is always Our vision. And please remember to submit your award nominations both baronially and for the kingdom.

We will meet you on the dusty road to war,
Avelyn & Dafydd

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