Letter to the Barony

Hello Skraels,

So today marks one month until Feast of the Hare (cue panicked groans and scrambling to finish projects).

We look forward to seeing everyone at Hare, and celebrating the event’s 40th anniversary. It promises to be an epic day full of fun, and maybe even a few surprises!

Speaking of surprises, we should share some notes about the day. A reminder that baronial taxes are due at Hare. This year’s taxes were heraldic display. This wasn’t intended as donations to the barony, but rather your own heraldic display. This could be via heraldic garb, banners or anything else you can think of. One of the easiest ways would be to make up your own escutcheon for the Hare Tree, so that people know who’s at an event. If you need a wooden plank, please touch base with Lady Petronill, the baronial herald.

In order to reduce the length of court in the evening, we plan to do a pop-up court in the late morning (probably just before lunch at approximately 11:30), and then occasionally over the day as needed. This will allow us to conduct some of Our business ahead of time. We will have a herald cry the hall to let people know when we plan to start.We have a number of events coming up in the Barony over the next several months. With that in mind, please consider sending in award nominations in the coming weeks. Both Their Majesties and we will be looking for award ideas for upcoming events.

You can send Kingdom awards using the form at: http://www.ealdormere.ca/awards-submission-form.html

For Baronial awards, we also have a form you can fill out: http://skraelingalthing.com/wp/baronial-awards/award-recommendations/

We read every award nomination, and appreciate hearing from everyone about the good work people are doing.

Okay, we’re off to plan more schtick, so see you all at Hare!

In service to the Barony,

Avelyn & Dafydd

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