Letter to the Barony

Good People of Skraeling Althing,

Have you all recovered yet from an epic 40th Feast of the Hare? It was quite the day.

We would like to thank Their Majesties and Highnesses for helping the barony celebrate such an important anniversary. And of course, we always welcome our cousins from l’Ile du Dragon Dormant, as good friends and never the source of any cross border shenanigans.

Thank you also to the event staff, and to all helpers who weren’t officially “staff”, but pitched in throughout the day. An SCA event is only a success because so many people are willing to give of their time and effort to make it so.

To those who attended us throughout the day, and to both Lady Amalthea and Her Excellency Breyla who worked to coordinate our entourage, thank you for helping us to stay on track and get so much done during the day. We couldn’t have done it without you. We had a number of people who joined us for the first time as entourage, so a special thank you to them. We hope we weren’t too scary 😉.

We would also thank all of those who presented us with largesse and gifts throughout the day, including those who participated in the largesse derby.

It was such a busy day, there’s no way we could capture the whole day here. However we did do a fair number of pop-up court items, so a quick recap is probably helpful:

  • We are grateful to our new Rapier and Armoured Champions, Her Ladyship Cristabel Wensleydale and His (new ) Lordship James Edgarson.
  • We presented bunny tails to Jeanne Raysdöttor & Ricardo Colombo, as well as Vargo of Tor Brant.
  • We presented authorization kits to Skrael’s newest authorized fencers, Sir Mordain and Sir Varenko, as well as to our latest authorized armoured combatant Hreiddar.
  • We presented pronoun tags to Dierdru Armiger, THL Elsebeth and Lady Petronill in thanks for their help in adding pronoun preferences to the Skrael award recommendation form.
  • We presented Her Excellency Augusta with a Carrot of Excellence for traveling all the way to Hare just to teach a thrown weapon’s marshal class, so that the Barony can have more thrown weapons activities this coming summer (an activity dear to both of us).

During court, we did a number of other items of business as well:

  • Sir Varenko was presented with the Great Chalice of Skraeling Althing to recognize both his own persona development work, and the work he has done to help others through activities like the Level Up weekend.
  • We presented Their Excellencies Dragon Dormant with an intelligence report about some cross border security concerns.
  • We presented THL Giovanni Orseolo with a Black Hare for his skills in dance and knitting.
  • We presented Sir Shahid with a Hare Valiant in recognition of both his skill and support of the armed might of Skrael.
  • We launched a brand new baronial award to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Feast of the Hare, the Hare Argent. And we presented the premier member of this new order, representing long standing, diverse and ongoing contributions to the Barony – Kniaginia Xristina
  • Just as court was closing, we were presented with new evidence as to the source of our cross-border irritants between Skrael and IDD. Unfortunately, between court and feast, someone absconded with the evidence. An investigation will be launched.

Feast of the Hare is the Barony’s largest and most longstanding event, and it was such a pleasure to see so many people who have been here since the early days of the event, at the same time as we had 16 newcomers. That is exactly what the SCA is all about.

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and we look forward to Practicum in the new year, where we can all dig in and learn new things.

In service to the people of Skraeling Althing,

Avelyn & Dafydd
Baroness and Baron of Skraeling Althing

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