Regular Meetings/Practices

Caldrithig holds the following regular meetings/practices:

  • Business Meetings – see the Calendar for the next meeting
  • Martial Practices for armored and rapier combat. Check the Combat page for more information
  • Arts & Sciences gatherings, such as general A&S days and dance,practices and scribal nights. Check the Artisans page for more information.

These are more casual gatherings for a specific purpose. Attendees wear regular clothing. Meeting announcements are generally made on the facebook group as well as the meeting page. Please join these lists for upcoming announcements and schedule changes. Meetings are monthly at a location set by the seneschal.

Upcoming Events

Caldrithig also hosts several events throughout the year. Scheduled activities can include tournaments, dancing, performances, Royal Court, arts exhibits, workshops, and a grand feast. Attendees wear clothing appropriate to the Middle Ages or Renaissance (pre-1600’s).

Local events include Twelfth Night in January, Practicum in February, Break the Back of Winter in March, and Feast of the Hare in November. Beyond our local events there are kingdom events. If you are willing to travel there are events on almost every weekend over the summer. They are a great way to visit more people across the kingdom. Event listings are published in the Kingdom newsletter, and listed on the Kingdom calendar. Event announcements are also on facebook .


Note: While I do attempt to keep this calendar as accurate as possible, the only way to guarantee your event is listed and all changes are up to date, is to send it to me.
This calendar is for SCA activities within the Canton of Caldrithig. Non-SCA activities, while they may be of interest to the populace, will not be listed here.