Armoured Combat

Knights in shining armour! Armored combat in the SCA resembles medieval tournaments. Combatants face each other in single combat, or take part in large melee battles. Caldrithig hosts one weekly armoured combat practice on Wednesday evenings.  During the summer months, weather permitting, practice may be moved outside. Please see the calendar, or contact the Armoured Marshal for more information.

Rapier Combat

Dashing swashbucklers! The precursor to modern fencing, rapier combat is done “in-the-round”, and combatants can fight in close with their opponents. Caldrithig hosts one weekly rapier combat practice on Thursday evenings. Please see the calendar, or contact the Rapier Marshal for more information.


Youth Combat (Boffer)

Youth Combat is a program that has been designed to be a starting place to teach our youth within the Society all about the chivalry and honour behind our armoured combat – while promoting discipline, gross and fine motor skills, and the basics of fair play.  Youth between the ages of 6 to 15 are marshaled, taught and mentored to promote a healthy and fun environment for competition while maintaining safety, fun and education above the need to win. Parents are expected to monitor their children throughout and are encouraged to take an active role in both their learning, as well as the life lessons we’ll teach their youth about all aspects of our Youth Combat program.  Please do not hesitate to contact your Armoured Marshal about youth combat opportunities.


Archery in the SCA takes two forms:target and combat. Target archers compete in tournaments, shooting at stationary targets. Combat archers fight on the field of battle with the armoured combatants. Check the Barony’s facebook page for.information when practices are available

Thrown Weapons

Thrown weapons in the SCA include axes, knives and spears. Throwers compete in tournaments, flinging their weapons at stationary targets on the field.  There are no thrown weapons practices in Caldrithig at this time.