Spring Coronation

TRH Baldric and Brayla

TRH Baldric and Brayla

Image by Alex Sears

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Celebrate with us as we Crown the Heirs of Ealdormere – proud wolves gather to honour our Trillium Monarchs.

Site Information

3191 Riverside Drive,Ottawa,ON
April 28th, 2018
9am to 9pm


Gate: Feast: Menu
Adults: $20 (with member discount: $15) Adults: $15
Youth (12-17): $10 Child: $5
Children (11 and under): Free Lunch: Menu

**Fees to be paid in coin of the realm (Canadian cash). No cheques will be accepted at gate.**
Reservations can be sent to the Gate Steward Master Giovanni d’Enzinas

Prospective Merchants:
Are you interested in having a space at the event? Merchant Information.

Are you attending with minors?

SCA events are open to people of all ages, however if you are bringing a child for whom you are not the parent/legal guardian you will need to bring three items.

  • A complete signed minor waiver, or signed blue card
  • A complete signed minor medical waiver (2 copies)
  • A signed letter from the legal guardian specially naming the guardian for the day (2 copies)

Parents of children will need to sign a waiver at event gates for their children. If you are unsure of what you will need to have, please contact your local group Seneschal for more information prior to the event.

Event Staff

Autocrat: Jane Caldwell
Gatekeeper: Giovanni d’Enzinas
Feast Cook: Constance Payne
Lunch Cook: Elsebeth Ffarberyn
Bar: Michael Corviser
Rapier Marshal: Gavin MacAiden
Armoured Combat Marshal: Sir Varenko
Royalty Liason: Pesha the Gypsy

Feast Menu


Mortrews (pate)

Moretum (Cheese ball)

Beer poached fish

Onions in Cumin Sauce


Menestra d’herbette (chard soup, vegetarian)

First Course

Constance’s Garlic Stuffed Roast Chicken

Fartes of Portingale (lamb & beef meatballs)

Compost (aka pickled salat)

Pescodde (peas in their pod w/ butter)

Macrouns (rice noodles with butter and parmesan cheese)

Pie Course

Tart of Beets*

Pyes of Paris (pork pie)*

Tart for an Ymber day (Onion Tart)*



Tarte of Cherries*

*Has flour/bread crumbs/non-gf ingredients

Please contact the Feast Cook, Constance Payne to identify any allergies or restrictions as soon as possible.

Lunch Menu

Choose two: $5
Beef Pasty’s
Mushroom and Cheese Pasty’s
Vegetable soup.

Also included are apple and fig tarts, fruit and carrot sticks.