Call for Bids For Baronial Summer Event

Call for Bids For Baronial Summer Event.

I have no sense of time anymore and it is apparently March. If people would like a Baronial summer event you should get organized and submit a bid to the Baronial Council. 

Traditionally, we have had two summer events, the first being a demo at Upper Canada Village and the 2nd being Baronial Muster. It is looking increasingly unlikely that UCV will have their event in future, and we may wish to have a conversation about whether we should replace it with something else – a demo or event – or since it usually overlapped with Murder Melee just let things stay as they are at the moment. Last year, people seemed to enjoy the Day in the Park event (the actual name escapes me) and something similar may be appreciated again.

Muster will not be run by Baron Duncan this year (he mentioned this earlier). He’s done a great job the past few years (thank you Duncan!) and I can understand his desire for a break from stewarding it. I hope we do have a bid for Muster this year, as it is one of the few opportunities for our archers to shoot at a local event. 

If you have a cool idea that is different from either of these, please submit it to the Council. We are always interested in new ideas.

As always, I encourage you to submit bids to your Canton or Stronghold, there is no particular need for there to be any event run by the Barony as a whole.

There is no real deadline for bids to the Council – although they do have to be early enough to be heard by Council and submitted to the Tidings in time to be Official.

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