I received the list back from the Heralds of the additional names that were submitted. We now have a list of 21 names for consideration. The current plan is to put the list up for everyone to look it over for a while. Then we will start the voting process. The first vote will cut the names to half, then half again. When we are down to five names we will vote down to the favorite name. Any ties will […]

Name change update

We are still seeking ideas for the new name for the Barony, so give us a new name! If you wish to submit a suggestion, please use the form below, or visit Skraeling Althing on Facebook. Please think about ease of pronunciation. Names will be checked by appropriate heralds, and compiled into a list for a future vote. This form will remain available until 11 March, 2024. Loading…

Suggest a new Baronial name