The Chronicler’s primary task is to produce a newsletter for the Barony ensuring that communication flows within the group. Society and the Kingdom require that the Baronial newsletter be produced at least four times per year. In the Barony, the newsletter is currently an on-line publication but remains in printable format. This is one of the positions that must be filled for the Barony to remain a Barony.

You can find very detailed information in the Kingdom and Society documents, including full descriptions of qualifications and obligations and the requirements of the newsletter, even ideas regarding what to include in your letter of application.

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Society Chronicler’s Policies (2011)
Ealdormere Chronicler’s Handbook (2014)

Who can apply: Anyone who is a paid member of the Society and who lives within the Barony.

What are we hoping for: A commitment to the Barony; a willingness to work with others; ability to do paperwork (including read and respond to email); and produce a newsletter.

Time Commitment: This can be great or small depending upon the type of newsletter you create. There is no reporting beyond the newsletter itself. As a member of Council it is important that the Chronicler participates the broader work of the Council; attendance at meetings is encouraged but not required.

In the application:

A. Please provide a letter describing why you would like to be Chronicler. It could include:

  • what you would like to accomplish during your term (this can be anything: from keeping things going much as they are to trying this crazy-out-there idea)
  • challenges you see in your fulfilling the role
  • areas where you think that you would excel
  • relevant experience

B. Optional: SCA CV

If you need an accommodation to complete this process, please let the Seneschal know. Audio/video presentations are acceptable alternative to written format.

Send applications or questions to and