First letter to the Barony from Dubhessa and Joffr

Their Excellencies Dubhessa and Joffr, Baroness and Baron Skraeling Althing
Their Excellencies Dubhessa and Joffr, Baroness and Baron Skraeling Althing

Good tidings to all nobles within the lands of Skraeling Althing.
Winter is nearly upon our Barony!  The wiley hare changes its coat from brown to snow
white as the season changes.  As seasons change, so do those that sit upon the Lapine
seats of our grand Barony of Skraeling Althing.  But fear not for we have sent
ambassadors, retainers and good nobles to assist our Mother and Father, Avelyn and
Daffyd as they move into their new castle.  

Feast of the Hare

By the Grace of their Majesties King Rattanicus and Queen Isabel and their Highnesses
Prince Roak and Princess Hyyrokin We held our first court!

We renewed the Pact of Friendship betwixt Skraeling Althing and Septentria by
exchanging gifts and words of friendship.  

We accepted gifts, both from the populace and from our Cousins from other Baronies. 
We even received the gift of Bacon which shall be shuttled to their Majesties as soon as
weather permits.

This year’s Hare Court was filled with the theme of service.    

The Great Chalice was bestowed upon Baroness Þorfinna gráfeldr as she exemplified,
deep in the Trying Times, what it is to serve one’s Barony and fellow noble.
We inducted our Mother and Father, Baroness Avelyn and Baron Daffyd, into the Order
of the Friendship of the Hare.  Rest assured that they will always be welcome in the
Althing.  Their service to the Barony was crucial to getting Us through the Trying Times
as well as in The Before Times. 

We renewed Dame Siglinde Harfnerstochter into the Order of the Hare Salient for her
long standing work serving the Barony in many capacities.  
Sir Aelfwyn Langanwuda was inducted into the Order of the Hare Argent.  Her deeds of
service are too numerous to count.

There was also an Arts and Sciences competition held whose entries were wondrous. 
We noted the artistry and love placed in each entry.  Let us all celebrate Baron
Duncan’s clock as winner of this contest.  It was most ingenious.  
Fencing and Armoured Combat tournaments were held by our esteemed Marshalate. 
Know that Wilhem and Manic were proclaimed winners of their respective tournaments
by Count Baldric Leeman  

Bunny tails were awarded to Elysia Valliere and Roul Valliere.  Their service in recent
months has not gone unnoticed and it was delightful to proclaim these two as one of us.

Wassail to them all!  

We would also share with you the words that Baron Joffr spoke regarding taxes:
“We are all one barony, together, again and united.  These plague times have been
hard on all of us.  

While we were all on the same sea, not all of us were on the same boat.  
Some of us have lost loved ones, friends or coworkers.  Others fell ill and some are still

We have all felt the trauma of being apart from one another and our gatherings are
going to be filled with many emotions.  

What you feel is valid.

What we ask in taxes for this year is service to each other.  Do your level best to be

Ensure you have consent.  Our collective duty this year is to show the love and grace
that is in our hearts as best we can.

You do not need to show us, or tell us a tale, or write us letters, though you may if you

We will all feel it together, for we are one barony.”

We hope to see many of you soon, either at events around the Knowne World, at
practices, both virtual or in person, or at Practicum on Saturday, February 19th 2022. 

More details about Practicum may be found here:  We are incredibly excited for Practicum!

Until then, rest easy in your feast halls.
Baroness Dubhessa and Baron Joffr

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