Welcome to the Canton of Harrowgate Heath

The Canton of Harrowgate Heath is a branch of the The Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe.

Harrowgate Heath encompasses Winchester, Ontario and covers a region that used to be the old counties of Grenville and Dundas. Harrowgate Heath has also been tasked with expanding activities in the lands to the east stretching to the Quebec border, including the city of Cornwall. It is a part of the Barony of Skraeling Althing (Eastern Ontario), in The Kingdom of Ealdormere (most of Ontario), one of 20 Kingdoms worldwide.

A meeting will be held August 18th at 1400. For location or other details contact Morag Taylor pte_black@hotmail.com

Every group cycles through periods where enthusiastic members organize many activities and lulls where not much is going on. Harrowgate is currently in a lull – there are only a handful of active members in the canton and no regular activities are scheduled. Folks interested in learning more about the SCA are encouraged to look into the wide variety of activities offered by the Canton of Caldrithig, in and around Ottawa.