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The Barony of Skraeling Althing is the branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) serving the Eastern Ontario. In the SCA, we are the easternmost Barony in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

What Is the SCA?

The SCA is an international not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of the pre-17th-century world. Our society celebrates the best parts of the past through the construction of clothing, cooking, learning skills such as archery and sword fighting, practicing various arts such as blacksmithing, embroidery, and dance, and experiencing pageantry through tournaments and royal courts from cultures across the globe.  There are over 30,000 paid members of the SCA, and the total number of participants worldwide is around 60,000 people.

How Do I Get Started?

In the SCA, there’s a special office called Chatelaine just for welcoming newcomers. This person can tell you all about the SCA, and help get you started. The Chatelaine can also introduce you to people in the group who are knowledgeable in your particular areas of medieval interest. The Chatelaine can also help you get started on making your own medieval garb or find you loaner garb if you can’t get your own made in time (garb is a necessity if you plan on attending any SCA events).

Contact the Chatelaine.

What Sort of Activities Take Place?

Many kinds of meetings/practices take place throughout the Barony:

  • Events
  • Demonstrations (demos)
  • Martial Practices for armoured and rapier combat.
  • Arts & Sciences gatherings, such as general A&S days and scribal nights.
  • Business and Council Meetings, as well as other opportunities for service and volunteering.


An SCA event is usually an all-day or all-weekend affair (sometimes longer) during which people gather to re-create the medieval era. The object is to strive for as much authenticity as possible, given modern safety and other considerations.  An attempt at pre-1600s costume is required to attend.

Learn more about events.


The Barony regularly presents organized demonstrations displaying medieval activities and teaching about medieval history to the general public.  This is a great opportunity to meet us and see what the SCA is about.

Learn more about demos.

Martial Practices

The clash of swords, the swish of blades, the twang of a bowstring.  Cantons (local groups) host a variety of martial practices throughout the year.

Learn more about martial activities.

Arts & Sciences

Sewing clothing, blacksmithing, calligraphy, woodworking, fletching (making arrows), cooking, armouring, embroidery, music and dance, and more!  Members of the SCA learn about the past by researching period arts, crafts, and traditions and then experience history by recreating it.    Members gather to share what they are working on at Arts & Science days, and will often host classes and workshops.  Scribal nights are gatherings specifically for calligraphy and illumination.

Learn more about the arts & sciences.

Service and Volunteering

From the events and feasts, to the local fighter practices, business meetings, and workshops and classes, all of our activities are run by volunteers.  Service is one of the best ways to get involved in the Society, and a great way to get to know the people around you.  Everybody has something they can contribute.  After all, many hands make light work.

Learn more about service and volunteering.

We look forward to meeting you.