Next Baronial Council Meeting

Monday May 8 at 7:30pm

Everyone who is part of the Barony is welcome to attend.

Zoom link to follow.

  1. Name poll process
    Part 1: Should we change the name
    1. Online consultation process running parallel (similar content as meetings, on webpage)
    2. Series of meetings
      1. Zoom mtg
      2. one in person meeting in Greyfells, Caldrithig, and Tor Brant
      3. final Zoom meeting
    3. Poll regarding change
    While that may sound like overkill, I would really like people to feel they can participate in a way that makes them comfortable, hence the mix of options.

    Part 2 (If answer is yes) Change the Name
    1. Set Criteria for submissionsready indicated a preference for “Althing Heralds will give us guidance on names and what we can and can not have. Because many people have al” be maintained, I am hoping that there will be greater clarity on what the name can and can not be. There are rules applicable because of “Althing” requires a historical exemption as well the usual as language, space, and time considerations.
    2. Open submissions for name change.
    3. Share the list of submissions that meet the criteria
    4. Create short list with input from Populace
    5. Vote on new name with back-up
    6. Submit both to the College of Heralds
  2. Bids for summer events (if any)
  3. Meeting schedule- Because of the meeting regarding the name change I propose that General Baronial meeting be every quarter, shortly before the Seneschal’s report is due. They will be via Zoom. Suggestions welcome for how to have annual in-person meetings to increase accessibility.
  4. Update from kingdom seneschal’s meeting (haven’t received the minutes yet): Main point is that there are new event forms. Commentary on how well they are working is still possible. Refresh on rules, mistakes are happening with some groups.
  5. Volunteers (Discussion only): We do not have enough volunteers at the Baronial Level, as people are repeating offices and not taking breaks. I believe this is also true for the groups that make up the Barony. One solution proposed by the Kingdom Seneschal for groups with this problem is to reduce the number of offices to the minimum.
  6. Draft DEI charter proposed by their Excellencies (Introduction).
  7. Update on inventory. a) Replacement request for coronets the “old and venerable” set.
  8. Other business (Only minor issues for this).
  9. Questions from the populace To clarify: People can and should participate in all of the other agenda items, this item is more for people to raise issues, thoughts, etc. that are of concern but perhaps not yet something that the Barony has discussed.

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