Taxes and Travel Notes from the Baroness & Baron

Their Excellencies have declared taxes for the year to be “Storytelling”. The populace is encouraged to share stories and anecdotes of our history as a barony among each other, and particularly with our newcomers. Often during events we spontaneously share a story, or reference a fond moment — but without […]

Baroness Avelyn and Baron Dafydd of Skraeling Althing- Head shot

Baroness Avelyn and Baron Dafydd of Skraeling Althing- Head shot

Letter to the Barony –  Home from Tournoi de Coeur de Glace 1

Greetings unto the populace of Skraeling Althing, We have lately returned from Our travels to Our neighbors in the Shire of Bastille du Lac, who are always such gracious and wonderful hosts. We had a wonderful day, full of heroism, pomp, heraldry and chivalry on both lists. It was truly […]

Video of Dancers from the Baronial 12th Night Event, 2010

The following video taken by Barb Buchanan on January 9, 2010 is of a large number of people dancing in a lively circle dance at Baronial 12th Night. It is hosted on her facebook page.



Trebuchet Builders

We are a hands-on kind of organization, as shown in this siege weapon video. Trebuchet Builder’s facebook group:

Quick quips from QPT – We’re home from Our first baronial road trip

It was Our pleasure to be at the Queen’s Prize Tourney this weekend and see the excellent entries from so many Skraels. We congratulate all the entrants—and it was delightful seeing what you have been working on. Well done all! We particularly noted several people who entered projects far outside […]

Thank you from Avelyn & Dafydd

Good people of Skraeling Althing, Wow, what a day! We hope that you all had as much fun as We did at Feast of the Hare. For Us, Saturday truly felt like a celebration of the Barony, from the fabulous and unique site tokens as you walked in the door, […]

Letter to the Barony: With love and gratitude

Unto the most glorious populace of Skraeling Althing, We find Ourselves in the final week of Our Baronial Tenure. Congratulations the THL Daffyd and THL Avelyn, they will do a wonderful job as Baron and Baroness. Please join Us this weekend at Feast of the Hare, where their investiture will […]


The SCA Harassment and Bullying Policy

From the Society Seneschal Handbook: XXIV. SOCIETY SENESCHAL POLICIES & INTERPRETATIONS 4. Harassment and Bullying The SCA prohibits harassment and bullying of all individuals and groups.Harassment and bullying includes, but is not limited to the following: offensive or lewd verbal comments directed to an individual; the display of explicit images (drawn or photographic) […]

Declaration of Virtues of the Kingdom of Ealdormere

Let all know that this scroll is a declaration of virtues, a charter that all people of Ealdormere enter into, without rank or title, and shall be carried forth for the people to sign, from canton to canton, shire to shire, barony to barony, and all can add their mark […]

Declaration of Virtues of the Kingdom of Ealdormere


Baronial Step Down: Heirs Announced

Greetings unto the noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron and Baroness Shahid and Catherine. At the Coronation of King Evander and Queen Marioun, The Honourable Lord Dafydd ap Alan and The Honourable Lady Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn were announced as Our Heirs. Baronial Investiture will take place at […]