This paper is to document the word ‘Skraeling’ as per its historical meaning(s) and current real world usage, and to assist Baronial Council in deciding if the Barony should change its name. This paper was prompted by commentary from Colyne Stewart (before he was part of the Council) during the term of Baroness Avelyn and Baron Dafyyd (2020). The paper (PDF) (Word)

Report on the Word ‘Skraeling’

We are planning an Italian themed event with Italian games, researched tavern meal, Italian dance, and a small Italian dance and music salon during the afternoon. The inspiration is the elevation of Mona Laura Battista, which is planned for this event. There is hope to hold as many tournaments as we can schedule in, including youth rapier and boffer. Full event information. Rather than a feast we will be running a dinner tavern. The dinner tavern will run similar to […]

Feast of the Hare Fast Approaching

Good tidings to all nobles within the lands of Skraeling Althing.Winter is nearly upon our Barony!  The wiley hare changes its coat from brown to snowwhite as the season changes.  As seasons change, so do those that sit upon the Lapineseats of our grand Barony of Skraeling Althing.  But fear not for we have sentambassadors, retainers and good nobles to assist our Mother and Father, Avelyn andDaffyd as they move into their new castle.   Feast of the Hare By the Grace of their Majesties King […]

First letter to the Barony from Dubhessa and Joffr