Baron & Baroness

The Baron and Baroness are the ceremonial heads of the barony, and are the King and Queen’s representatives within the group, as well as the barony’s representatives to the rest of the Kingdom and the SCA.

Welcome from the Baron and Baroness

Unto the people of Skraeling Althing do We send warmest greetings.

It is with great pride that We, Shahid and Catherine, welcome you to the Barony of Skraeling Althing, in the Eastern reaches of the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Whether your interests lie within the various arts and sciences that enhance Our medieval atmosphere, the martial activities that keep the borders of Our lands secure, or in the camaraderie of friendships formed around a campfire, We would invite you to explore the many events and activities held throughout Our lands.

For newcomers, We recommend you contact Our Chatelaine, who will help you get started. For those who have been with us for longer, We encourage you to share your experience with others.

On behalf of the Barony of Skraeling Althing, please come and enjoy our hospitality.

Yours in Service,
Shahid and Catherine
Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing

Baronial Progress

The Baron and/or Baroness are planning to attend the following events and would love to see the populace of Skraeling Althing there.



Shahid & Catherine, Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing


His Excellency is a 16th century Ottoman Turk. Her Excellency is 16th century English.

Baronial Requests

  • Service is the cornerstone of the SCA. Without it, nothing else that we do would be possible. We would have Our Champions, as representatives of Our Barony, be known for their service as well as their prowess.
    • We request that all martial champions begin work to become an authorized marshal in their chosen discipline, if they are not one already.
    • We request that all non-martial champions serve their community by organizing A&S activities or teaching.
  • We welcome and appreciate the donation of appropriate items for use as largesse. Our artisans often work long hours in the privacy of their homes and We wish to recognize their talents. Therefore, we request that all handmade largesse items be tagged with your name and home branch. Not only will this allow Us to ensure that you are thanked your generous contributions, but gives Us the opportunity share your renown with the rest of the Kingdom.