Baron & Baroness

The Baroness and Baron are the ceremonial heads of the Barony, are the King and Queen’s representatives within the group, and the Barony’s representatives to the other branches across the SCA.

Welcome from their leporine Excellencies!

Avelyn and Dafydd

Our Excellencies, Baroness Avelyn and Baron Dafydd

Warmest greetings unto the people of Skrael and Our visitors from Eastern Ontario and beyond. Let it be known that all are very welcome in Our home, the Barony of Skraeling

Althing. Our barony holds secure the eastern borders of the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Whether your interests lie within the various arts, crafts and sciences that enhance Our medieval atmosphere, in the different martial activities that protect Our lands and the populace, or in the camaraderie formed around a bright campfire—We invite you to explore the many events and activities held throughout Our lands.

For newcomers, We recommend you contact the Barony’s Chatelaine, who will help you get started. For those who have been with us for longer, We encourage you to share your experience, time and smile with others.

We welcome diversity, and We welcome you to the SCA. On behalf of the Barony of Skraeling Althing and Their Royal Majesties of Ealdormere, please stay and enjoy Our hospitality.

In faithful service,
Avelyn and Dafydd of Skraeling Althing

Letters to the Barony

I here swear fealty and homage, to the Crown of the North
With oaths given and received,
To be your vassal, and hold your land
To have your people prosper, and benefit the realm
To lead in honour, and bestow honour as is due
Thus do I swear, as the Baron(ess) of Skraeling Althing

Champions of the Barony

Baronial champions represent the finest the Barony has to offer. Champions are charged to defend the honour of Their Excellencies of Skraeling Althing, the populace, and the Kingdom, whenever called upon to do so. During their tenure champions are granted the right to wear and use the regalia of their position, and stand in Their Excellencies’ court.

  • Arts and Sciences: Lady Lerthan inghean Chormaicc maicc Morgaind
  • Bardic Arts: Baroness Pesha the Gypsy
  • Garrison Chief (armoured combat): The Honourable Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg
  • Great Chalice of Skraeling Althing (persona development): Lady Dubhessa Ni Uilliam
  • Rapier Combat: Countess Brayla la Vienette
  • New! Champion of Vexillology (banners): Lord Robert the Blue

Other champions will be determined in the spring.

Baronial Progress

Their Excellencies are planning to attend the following events and encourage the populace of Skraeling Althing to join them.


Dates later in 2019 will be published as event details emerge.

About Their Excellencies


Her Excellency Avelyn is a late 14th century English midwyfe. His Excellency Dafydd is a 13th century Welsh games keeper in service to the English Crown. Further details are available on the Ealdormere Wiki.

Food Preferences

Her Excellency enjoys most victuals but generally avoids:

  • Carbonated beverages
  • Spicy foods and curries
  • Green (etc.) peppers. Black pepper for seasoning is fine.
  • All seafood (not an allergy though)
  • Leafy greens except spinach or iceberg/romaine lettuce. Herbs are fine.

His Excellency has many food sensitivities and it is best if you speak with him directly if you would like the details.

He is lactose intolerant so tries to avoid large amounts of cheese or cream, but a little bit is OK.

Because of his colitis, he also avoids large amounts of high-residue foods, particularly things like corn (not generally an issue for feasts), lentils, nuts, seeds etc. Large amounts of meat are also hard for him to digest, so he tends to stick to carbs as his main foodespecially when travelling.

Their Excellencies tend not to imbibe in fermented beverages at events unless camping for the night; in this case, ciders are enjoyed by both. Water and mild lemonades are most welcome. Her Excellency feels that tea is life.

Deep gratitude is extended to all cooks and tavern keepers for their kindnesses with TE’s food planning. It is truly appreciated!


Their Excellencies’ Chamberlaine is the Honourable Lady Emelote of Calais.