Baronial Staff & Champions

Baronial Staff

We have assembled a retinue of people to help Us better meet the needs of the barony. You may approach any of them with questions about Our progress or other matters pertaining to Our tenure.


The Honourable Lady Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn
The Chamberlaine undertakes special projects for Their Excellencies, as well as generally assists in other matters before the court, as needed.

Contact the Chamberlaine.


The Honourable Lord Edward of Flaming Skye
The Kiaya is the Ottoman title for steward or lieutenant. The Kiaya is directly responsible for the care and feeding of the Baron both in and out of court, on and off the battlefield, and coordinates volunteers for the Baron’s entourage.

Contact the Kiaya.

Baronial Guard

The Baronial Guard is responsible for the personal safety of the Baron and Baroness at events. They are also often called upon to assist with any heavy lifting. For those interested in joining the baronial guard, please contact His Excellency to volunteer.

Champions of the Barony

Baronial Champions represent the finest the Barony has to offer. Champions are charged to defend the honour of the Baron and Baroness, Skraeling Althing and its populace, the Kingdom of Ealdormere, whenever called upon to do so. During their tenure, champions are granted the right to wear and use the regalia of the position, be counted among Their Excellencies entourage and stand with them in Baronial Courts. This title is held for one year, and Championship Tournaments are held annually.

  • Baronial A&S: The Honourable Lady Pesha
  • Great Chalice of Skraeling Althing: The Honourable Lady Pesha
  • Armoured Combat: Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg
  • Rapier: The Honourable Lady Brennait La Belle Fleur
  • Archery: Uwe of Caldrithig
  • Thrown Weapons: Lord Eoin McAlpin
  • Youth Combat: Nicolai and Christoph Leeman