Baronial Taxes

This is a particularly special year for Our Barony – the 40th anniversary of the founding of Skraeling Althing.  With such a special anniversary, We wanted to do something special for taxes this year as well.  Therefore, We are pleased to announce the theme for this years taxes is ‘history’.

We would ask that all of Our populace work collaboratively to write stories of our history, both the distant past and recent events.  The Honourable Lady Eluned verch Angor has agreed to work as Our archivist, and compile these stories.  She can be contacted here.

Please note, while the deadline for taxes has traditionally been Feast of the Hare, we will be setting an earlier deadline this year (which will be announced soon).  It is Our intention to work with Our Signet to have these stories bound into a book, which will be on display at Feast of the Hare for everyone to enjoy.