Help Wanted

Baronial Seneschal

The Baronial Council is seeking applications for Seneschal. In order to be eligible you must be a paid member and 18 or older. You should have regular and reliable access to email and be able to chair Baronial Council meetings (held at most local events). You will be required to submit reports, advise Canton Seneschals, and generally keep the Barony on track with our legal obligations. To apply, please send a letter of intent with a copy/scan of your membership card to seneschal @, and Their
Excellencies (Baroness @ and Baron @ by June 21st, 2017. If you have any questions about the position or application process, please feel free to email me at seneschal @

Baronial Chatelaine

Unfortunately, life has happened and therefore we are once again seeking an organized individual to fill the Baronial Chatelaine position.
The job responsibilities are as follows:
1. Facilitate new folks’ entrance into the SCA.  Direct them to local chatelaines, resources, events, gatherings/practices, etc.
2. Seek out opportunities for outreach (Conventions, festivals, etc), and coordinate with the organizers of said events to ensure our participation.
3. Solicit volunteers to work the various outreach events (aka demos).
4. Prepare promotional materials for distribution to the public (at demos, practices, etc).
Please send your application to the Baronial Seneshal, cc’ing the Acting Baronial Chatelaine by May 15.
The successful candidate will have the benefit of on the job training by The Honourable Lady Constance during this summer’s demos.  Any questions regarding this position can be directed to her.

Baronial Exchequer

Greetings unto the great populace of Skraeling Althing from your Baronial Exchequer!

My term is coming to a close in May and I am seeking a replacement.

The role of Exchequer is essential to the function of any group – they are responsible for managing group assets, essential to making financial decisions and dedicated to reporting accurately and on time. Most group activities cannot happen without you!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Submitting and publishing required financial reports as they come due;
  • Communicating with the local canton exchequers, to provide news and support;
  • Communicating as needed with the Baronial Seneschal, Baron, Baroness and Council;
  • Communicating frequently with the Kingdom exchequer;
  • Receiving and disbursing funds as approved by Society and Kingdom Policy and the Baronial Financial Committee;
  • Denying funds for improper and unapproved expenses;
  • Keeping accurate records of the branch‘s assets and accounts; and
  • Keeping track of and maintaining the branch‘s non-cash assets (regalia).

Candidates are asked to apply by Tournoi (Feb 4th) – the successful candidate should be notified shortly after, pending confirmation by Baronial Council.

Candidates should include their SCA CV/resume, along with any relevant external experience as part of their application. Applications can be sent to

The successful candidate will shadow over the position until late Spring, after which they would step up fully into the position. Training will take place during this transition period with additional support gladly offered after step-up.

Candidate must a be paid member in good standing, and should not hold any other office (to avoid conflict of interest).

Previous experience as an Exchequer would be an asset. Experience using electronic spreadsheets would be advantageous – access to Excel or Open Office (free) is necessary. As this position requires communications across multiple branch levels, good interpersonal skills are a must.

Further requirements as listed by the SCA Exchequers Handbook:


The following are the stated rules for holding the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer. Any additional training or experience is a plus, but not necessary to the satisfactory performance of the office‘s duties.

A. Membership

You must be, and remain, a paid national member of the SCA or an affiliated organization in good standing. (SFP II.A)

B. Age

You must be at the least the age of majority in your place of residence.-The Kingdom Exchequer approving must know your age before approval. (CP II.C.2)

C. Access

You must receive your Kingdom‘s newsletter at your place of residence. This is to ensure that you have access to any news, changes in Kingdom Law, and changes to policy or procedure distributed via the Kingdom Newsletter. If you don‘t hold a national membership that includes a Kingdom Newsletter (like Associate or Family), someone else at your home must. (Corpora I.D.2, VII.K.3)

D. Approval

You must be acceptable to the Crown and Kingdom Exchequer. The Crown and the Kingdom Exchequer sign the warrants for Exchequers within that Kingdom, including Deputy Kingdom Exchequers. (Corpora VII.K.1)

E. No Other Offices

You must not also hold the office of Seneschal of a branch or Guild principal of a guild unless you have a written variance from the Kingdom Exchequer. (SFP III.B) It is strongly suggested that you not hold any other office in your kingdom. This office entails significant responsibilities. Holding other offices may become too much work, or create a conflict of interest.

F. Separate Place of Residence

You must not live at the same address as any other signatory on the accounts you manage. (SFP II.D)

G. Non-Royalty

Royalty (King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Heir, or Heiress) may hold no other office during their reign. (Corpora IV.G.8) Royalty may not be listed as signatories on any account. (SFP II.F) Royalty is defined as Sovereign, Consort, or Heir. This means that Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Principality Heirs may not be a signatory on any Society account while they are so titled. If you, as an Exchequer, are entering a Crown tournament, you should have designated a successor who is acceptable to the Kingdom Exchequer and the Crown and ready to serve. If you win, then you can transfer the office in an orderly fashion, and immediately remove your name from all accounts that list you as a signatory.

H.  Non-Landed-Baronage

Non-Landed Barons and Baronesses (also known as Court Barons and Baronesses) may be Exchequers. Territorial Barons and Baronesses may not be Exchequers (Corpora V.B.4).

Any questions about the office can be sent to

~ Volunteers for any office’s deputy position (assistant) are always welcome ~