Help Wanted

You can talk to the Current Seneschal or another member of the Baronial Council should you be interested in volunteering (for these positions or in any capacity).

  • Clerk Register (webminister)

We are also looking for others to help out:

The wish has been raised by members of the populace to better reflect diversity on our website. Diverse representation of our members is important. It will help us create a more welcoming atmosphere for newcomers and to reflect the diversity of our own members.

In order to do this, we are looking for a couple of volunteers to form a very small committee to help us review the way we are showing diversity in our digital presence (including social media) and to ensure the populace has an opportunity to provide it’s own self-guidance. We are looking for a few good people who have the time digitally: to meet, discuss, and review images that can be used. We want volunteers who are passionate about this and want to use their voice to show their perspective that anyone can play in the SCA. We will need a variety of illuminations, photos and original artwork (what the Barony could look like). Any interested volunteers, please contact me at

Please also see the Q&A

~ Volunteers for any office’s deputy position (assistant) are always welcome ~