Questions and Answers about Applying

1. I heard that someone else is applying. Why should I bother?

Just because someone else is applying doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It isn’t first come first served, and having multiple candidates apply is helpful to the group. In addition, in most cases rumours are just that – rumours.

2. I heard that a “very experienced person” is applying. Why should I bother?

Very experienced people often step forward when they are concerned that a necessary job is not going to happen or that another “very experienced person” is going to burn themselves out. Many times these people would be pleased to do something else and be happy there is someone else wanting to do something. Remember: you cannot become a “very experienced person” yourself if you do not volunteer.

3. Are Baronial Level Officer positions too hard for first-timers?

No – in fact, none of the positions are terribly difficult. There are, admittedly, a lot of details for Seneschal and Exchequer, but they are still well within even a relative newcomer’s ability. In fact, in a large canton the workload for an officer can be greater than the Baronial equivalent; in a small group, people sometimes have to hold more than one office. There’s also a lot of support for first-timers. People will want to see that you have some commitment to the SCA, as these positions are two year terms, but fresh eyes are often appreciated.

4. Many of the Council members are from one canton, why is that?

Generally, it is merely a factor of population. The Council is stronger when it has a diverse membership and welcomes people from every group. Currently, we have a bylaw for in-person voting on financial matters but much discussion happens by email. With most meetings happening at events, even far-flung members should be able to participate fully. 

5. But why volunteer? AKA What’s in it for MEEEE?

Short Answer: a vibrant fun group.

Long Answer: As a volunteer organization, we rely on each other to make sure that things happen. No one gets paid to do any Officer position within the Barony. We need people to make things happen, from floor sweeping to balancing chequebooks. Being an officer is a different commitment from wearing an authentic outfit or showing up to fight practice, but no less important. All are important for the group to work.

Being on Council, or even just attending meetings, can get you more involved in being a member of the group and seeing how the various parts of the group operate. It can also give you good experience, help you learn new skills, and connect you to more people in the group.

6. I applied but I didn’t get picked. Now what?

Talk to members of the Council to find out other ways you can help. We really want to encourage you to find something that will suit your skills and interests.

7. Is this position really important?

Every position on Council is there for a reason. They are all important. Some activities can only take place if there is the appropriate officer (for example, the Barony must have a Marshall for martial arts to take place). Some officers, like Chatelaines, are necessary for a Barony to remain functional.

Some positions are also required by Kingdom and/or Society for the Barony to keep its status as a group. We must have five officers: Seneschal, Pursuivant, Exchequer, a Chronicler, and either a Marshal, Minister of Arts & Sciences, or Clerk-Register. All currently open positions fall into this category.

8. Do I have to attend Baronial Council meetings in person? What if I cannot travel to where the meeting is being held?

The Seneschal’s attendance is expected at meetings and the Exchequer is required to be in attendance when there is a vote regarding a financial matter. Quorum is one of the voting members of Council, which is at least four officers. If necessary, a warranted deputy can replace the Seneschal or Exchequer. While attendance is greatly encouraged, it is not required. Baronial Council meetings are open to everyone. Meeting minutes should be available a few days after the meeting, so that people not able to be at the meeting can learn what was discussed.

9. What are the positions on Council? When are their terms up?

OfficeCurrent OfficerEmailTerm ends
BaronessHer Excellency,
BaronHis Excellency,

Lady Petronill of Seashireseneschal@skraelingalthing.comSept 2019 –Nov 2019
Pursuivant*Lord Eóin MacAlpinherald@skraelingalthing.comSept 2019
End of 2 year term in Feb 2020
Chronicler*Lady Giana Gabriella De Milanochronicler@skraelingalthing.comSept 2019
Exchequer*Master Giovanni de Enzinasexchequer@skraelingalthing.comFall 2019
Minister of the Arts and Sciences*Meisterin Siglinde Harfnerstochtermoas@skraelingalthing.comJune 2019+1yr ext?
Marshal*Sir Ælfwyn of
Chatelaine*Lord Dalin
Clerk-Register (Webminister)*Baroness Lucia de Enzinasweb.minister@skraelingalthing.comSummer 2020
SignetLady Elsebeth Farberynsignet@skraelingalthing.comNovember 2020
ScribeLady Lettice
Caldrithig Seneschal*Lady Constance of
Greyfells Seneschal*Kniaginia Xristina
Harrowgate Heath Seneschal*Lady Morag
Tor Brant Seneschal*Vargo of Tor
*=voting position