Skraeling Althing Name Change Poll

Greetings From the Baronial Seneschal

This is to announce the official voting on whether or not to change the name of our Barony. There have been discussions over the past year with all the groups in the barony. An excellent report was written by Baron Colyne Stewart that gives all the relevant information.  Continued use of our current name has several issues:  

  1.  Being seen as a place promoting hate groups;
  2.  Having our membership affected by discouraging new members;
  3.  Disrespecting Indigenous peoples by using a racial slur openly as our group name.

There was a comment by M. McLean on the website that makes the most important point. “if we are perceived to be welcoming or sympathetic to hate groups, any participants who are subject to background checks for employment might find it problematic”.

This vote will be up for two weeks ending on 17 January, 2024. After that time, results will be announced to the populace. If the vote is yes, we will move ahead with the name change. If the vote is no, then we continue to monitor the use of the name until it becomes a problem. 

The poll has closed and the results will be discussed in the upcoming Baronial Council Meeting.