2021 Baronial Selection Process Launched

2021 Baronial Selection Process launched

To the people of Skraeling Althing do We, Avelyn & Dafydd bring tidings!

As many of you are aware, this year marks Our third holding the territorial seats of the Barony. With this missive, We are announcing the launch of the selection process to find the next baronial representative(s) for Skraeling Althing. 

Our time as your Baroness and Baron of Skraeling Althing has been extremely enriching and rewarding personally…and certainly interesting because of the plague! However, We feel the time is ripe to make way for others to enjoy this wonderful opportunity. We spoke with Their Majesties at length on this matter, and We are committed to assisting Them to find worthy new “Nextellencies” to bring fresh insight and passion to the people and culture of Skrael.

We encourage all paid SCA members of the Barony to consider taking on the mantles of Territorial Baron(s)/ess(es). As We said above, it is an incredibly fulfilling way to serve your barony. Holding these seats brings its challenges, but it is balanced by the special magic you bring to people’s SCA experiences. 

It is indeed a great responsibility to take on, and the decision should not be made lightly. All are welcome to contact Us privately to discuss this opportunity and the various considerations of the role. We will provide as much honest feedback as We can to all candidates. In fact, We are confident that any of Skrael’s past B&Bs would be equally willing to discuss their experience with potential candidates.

The mechanics of the process itself are coordinated by your Baronial Selection Committee: 

  • Their Majesties
  • Ourselves
  • The current/outgoing Kingdom Seneschal, Master Lars Eriksson
  • The incoming Kingdom Seneschal, Countess Xristina Viacheslavova
  • The Baronial Seneschal, Baroness Gina Dragoni

We feel very fortunate indeed that all three of these officers have deep roots in Skrael and know the Barony, and its people very well. 

As a result of the plague, the selection process will be a little bit different this time around.

Here is a quick outline of the steps. The Seneschals will share additional specifics of the process and its milestones later this spring. 

  • Call for Letters of Intent open until May 15
  • Their Majesties will consider applications and announce the candidates during court at Fruits of Our Labour (FoOL) on May 22
  • Candidate meetings and polling to be held over the summer (details and mechanisms to be confirmed)
  • Their Majesties aim to announce Their final decision on the successful candidate(s) near the end of the summer/early Fall (at Their discretion). Timing of Investiture will be decided once we see how the plague is affecting events in the Fall.

For potential candidates:

To apply as Territorial Baron(s)/ess(es) you must submit a Letter of Intent directly to Their Majesties and the Baronial Seneschal by May 15.

To be considered as the next Baron(s)/ess(es) of Skrael you must be a current (paid) member of the SCA Inc. You may apply as an individual or as a duo/pair. While most baronial seats in Ealdormere have been held by a duo (whether a romantic couple or not), it is not a requirement, nor must a pair live in the same residence.

If applying as an individual include for yourself; or if running as a team of two, please include for both:

  • SCA Inc. membership number(s) and expiry date (s).
  • Briefly outline for Their Majesties why you wish to be considered for the role
  • Briefly describe your recent activity level inside and outside of Skraeling Althing with examples (pre-pandemic is fine)
  • Your SCA resume(s) or a link to it via your profile(s) on the Ealdormere Wiki
  • Your full SCA name(s), mundane name(s) and contact information. We invite candidate(s) to indicate their pronouns in the SCA context and/or mundanely.

Please send your Letter of Intent to Their Royal Majesties, King Amelius Claudius Rattanicus and Queen Isabel Atwyll [http://ealdormerewiki.gyges.org/wiki/doku.php] and the Skraeling Althing Seneschal [seneschal@skraelingalthing.com] by May 15, 2021.

As this is privileged information kindly do not send a copy to Us. This ensures We remain neutral until all accepted candidates are announced by Their Majesties at the FOOL virtual court on May 22. Thank you.

During Our tenure We worked to reduce logistical obstacles to becoming the Territorial Baron(s) and/or Baroness(es) of Skraeling Althing. We encourage potential candidates to reach out to Us about this effort, good traits/skills for being a B&B, and/or ask questions about the role and its responsibilities. We will happily make time on- or off-line for all. All private discussion will be completely confidential.

We look forward to chatting with the populace and candidates in the weeks ahead about this important matter. Might YOU be a Nextellency of Skraeling Althing? 

Yours in service,

Avelyn & Dafydd


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